WCM LAFW Canceled

Thursday, October 21, 2010
By Jennifer Uner

Just 3 days before show time, we started to get inquiries from fashion friends and foreign consulates: “Is it true IT’S CANCELED?”

Though the principal organizer of this particular LA Fashion Week venue production, Susan Costa of World Coast Management, hasn’t gotten back to us, we’re going to take it as confirmation that the shows slated for today through Sunday at LA Production Studios will not go on, and we’ve removed them from the Fashion Week LA calendar.

So what happened exactly? We still don’t know. This past Sunday a media alert was circulated from “info@lafwofficial.com” that blamed the Fire Department of the City of Los Angeles for refusing to permit the event. The media alert contained no press contact that we could see, and it closed by urging the reader to contact city officials to petition on the organizer’s behalf.

The media alert did not specify the issue, but it must have been serious. It has been our experience, with past productions in established venues, that if an event plan doesn’t meet fire code, the organizer simply adjusts the plan and resubmits for approval.  Rarely have we experienced difficulty with the LAFD. We can only guess there was a serious issue with the venue, or perhaps with the organizer, that left more than a dozen designers in the lurch.

As of Wednesday night, at least one of those designers still had not been contacted by the organizer about the cancellation, the status of the situation or suggestions for next steps. Certainly this was a moment to activate crisis communications and alternative solutions. I expect we’ll hear more on the topic soon.

In the meantime, we know of several productions in November now soliciting designer participation including Beverly Hills Fashion Festival, Boxeight’s “Fashion:Refocus”, and Fashion Los Angeles’ “Meet the Public.” Perhaps we’ll have an opportunity to see the jilted designers–including local designers L’une Collection, Sjobeck, and Alana Hale and international designers Bori Toth, Aniko Nemeth and Paulina Lopez–at another venue soon.  We’re glad we got to see the Jen Awad presentation at Concept Fashion Week earlier this week. In what may have been a prescient move, she scheduled herself at both venues. Sometimes you just can’t tell who to trust out here in the wild west.

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