Los Angeles Fashion Council

About Fashion Week LA

Fashion Week LA is a comprehensive platform for fashion week in Los Angeles, serving as a one-stop shop for facilitating registration and providing a full calendar for Los Angeles fashion and market week productions and activities.

Designed to make navigating Los Angeles Fashion Week easier, the platform offers the following:

For Attendees:

  • Seamless, one-stop registration for all approved fashion week events.
  • Calendar listings of all fashion week events.
  • Maps and information to better understand productions and locations.
  • Event coverage and relevant fashion news.

For Producers and Designers:

  • Free calendar listings of your events
  • Media and Buyer Lists
  • Turnkey front of house and PR services
  • Full event production services

Fashion Week LA serves to provide a united front for fashion week in Los Angeles whilst allowing independent producers to retain their autonomy, and designers to produce independent events without losing the benefits of a group or multi-designer show.

Fashion Week LA is presented through a partnership between its original founder, Jen Uner, and the Los Angeles Fashion Council, a subsidiary of stylesmith!. Fashion Week LA was founded in 2002 and has been serving the Los Angeles fashion community seasonally for the past decade.