WCM LAFW Canceled

Just 3 days before show time, we started to get inquiries from fashion friends and foreign consulates: “Is it true IT’S CANCELED?” Though the principal organizer of this particular LA Fashion Week venue production, Susan Costa of World Coast Management, hasn’t gotten back to us, we’re going to take it as confirmation that the shows Read More

LA Fashion Week's Venue Options Expanding

Since last season’s debut of the new Concept Fashion Week in downtown LA, we’ve seen two more new Fashion Week production organizations emerge. They join BOXeight, LA Fashion Weekend, LA Fashion Collective, Simply Stylist and Project Ethos in providing collective venues for designers to present collections to buyers, stylists, bloggers and journalists. The first new consortium Read More

LA Fashion Week October 2010

Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2011 Collections are October 13-20, 2010. Centralized venues expected to host runway shows and creative presentations for Fashion Week LA in the upcoming season include the new Beverly Hills Fashion Week in Beverly Hills, the sophomore production of Concept Fashion Week and the return of BOXeight Fashion Week in downtown Read More

Spring Arts Springs Up

With Beverly Hills Fashion Week stalling its debut until October, downtown booster Brady Westwater presses the Spring Arts Tower into service. (If we’re not mistaken, this was the site of the P Ka Bu fashion shows circa 2004.) The building, which opened in 1914, is home to a freshly refinished 8,000 square foot space with Read More